Anti-IgY/IgG monoclonal mouse antibody

Cat.No. [10.0071.10]: 1 mg

egg yolkMonoclonal antibodies for the detection of chicken egg yolk antibodies (IgY/IgG). The antibody producing clone IgY-142 was established in mice and is ProteinA purified for multiple applications like WesternBlot, ELISA or IHC. These antibodies detect the Fc part of IgY and IgG antibodies from egg yolk and serum antibodies from chicken.

Detailed Information
Type of ProductMonoclonal Antibody
Quantity0.5 mg
AntigenChicken Egg Yolk antibodies
EpitopeFc part of IgY and IgG chicken egg yolk antibodies
Host AnimalMouse
Suggested ApplicationsWB, IHC, ELISA


Use our anti-IgY antibodies from mice to enhance your egg yolk antibodies. The anti-IgY antibodies bind your egg yolk IgY antibodies. Now you can use your well known and established methods and enzymes that you use for mouse antibodies. In addition the signal is amplified due to multiple binding of the anti-IgY antibodies.

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