Order: Antibody Production & Development

Our motivated and high skilled empoyees provide competent advice and an easy order to produce antibodies for your applications. Our own animal facility guarantees animal friendly procedures. We can react to your individual wishes directly, even when the antibody project has already started, and adapt to the titer development immediately. Continuous quality control ensures high quality antibodies.

Get your Offer for Antibody Production

Receive your individual offer prior to your order with the help of our scientists who give you an advise for the best antibody production and purification method. We suggest you immunization schedules or use your immunization protocol if you want us to follow a special procedure. We use your antigens for immunization or prepare antigen for you to save time and money.

You receive your offer via email: info@davids-bio.com. The offer is made within 2 - 24 hours. When you want to order an offer or when you want to order without an offer you can do it via Email, FAX or letter/parcel. Please add the following information to your custom antibody order:

  1. Your antigen shipped with cool packs or dry ice or your peptide sequence
  2. Concentration and buffer of your antigen, if available
  3. Our offer, our order form (see below) or your official PO from your institute
  4. Delivery- and Invoice address
  5. Your VAT number (only needed for EU customers excluding Germany)

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Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production

DescriptionSpeciesDetailed Prices
Polyclonal Rabbit AntibodiesCustom Polyclonal Rabbit Antibody ProductionRabbitPrice List
Polyclonal Egg Yolk AntibodiesCustom Polyclonal Chicken Egg Yolk Antibody ProductionChickenPrice List
Polyclonal Rodent AntibodiesCustom Polyclonal Antibody Production from mouse, rat and guinea pigRodentsPrice List
Polyclonal Antibody PurificationCustom Polyclonal Antibody Purification-Price List
Antigen PreparationAntigen Preparation for Antibody Production-Price List
Antibody ModificationsAntibody Modifications-Price List

Development & Production of monoclonal antibodies

DescriptionSpeciesDetailed Prices
Monoclonal AntibodiesCustom Monoclonal Antibody DevelopmentMouse / RatPrice List
Monoclonal Antibody ProductionMonoclonal Antibody ProductionIgG, IgM, IgA and morePrice List
Antigen PreparationAntigen Preparation for Antibody Production-Price List
Antibody ModificationsAntibody Modifications-Price List

Stock Antibodies

Stock antibodies are frequently ordered monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies from mice, rats, chicken, rabbits or guineapigs. The antibodies are usually purified with affinity purification or with ProteinA. Most of the antibodies are in stock. Please ask for your delivery time and for individual amounts when you order these antibodies.

Anti OvalbuminAnti-OvalbuminMonoclonal Mouse Antibody500 µg240 €Details
Anti MRSAAnti-PBP2a (MRSA)Monoclonal Mouse Antibody200 µg195 €Details
Anti MRSAAnti-PBP2a (MRSA)Polyclonal Chicken Egg Yolk200 µg195 €Details
Anti IgYAnti-IgY/IgGMonoclonal Antibody1.0 mg144 €Details
Anti Chicken HRPAnti-Chicken (IgY) HRP conjugatedPolyclonal Rabbit Antibody0.2 ml195 €Details
IgY BeadsAnti-IgY-Beads175 €Details

Ovalbumin Products

Our ovalbumin products are derived from self-produced ovalbumin from white egg proteins. The ovalbumin is purified in multiple steps to ensure high quality. Please note that the delivery time is up to 7 days when the product is freshly conjugated.

Anti-OvalbuminAnti-Ovalbumin, monoclonal mouse antibody0.5 mg144 €Details
Stock AntibodyOvalbumin FITC10 mg240 €Details
Stock AntibodyOvalbumin10 mg144 €Details
Stock AntibodyOvalbumin100 mg345 €Details