Anti-PBP2a antibody from egg yolk (chicken)

Cat.No. [10.0201.02]: 200 µg

egg yolkThe affinity purified polyclonal antibody from chicken egg yolk is used in multiple applications. The antibody detects 1500 lysed and activated MRSA bacteria in a direct ELISA with alkaline phosphatase and PNPP as substrate. In a WesternBlot 2 ng recombinant PBP2a are detected if alkaline phosphatase in combination with BCIP/NBT is used.

Detailed Information
AntigenPBP2a (mecA) from S. aureus
Host AnimalChicken
PurificationAffinity Purified
ApplicationELISA, Western Blot, IHC
MSDSAnti-Pbp2a (chicken egg yolk) MSDS

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