Anti-Ovalbumin monoclonal antibody (mouse) - IgG1

Cat.No. [10.0301.05]: 500 µg

antibodyThe Antigen "Chicken egg albumin" is isolated from white egg proteins. The monoclonal antibody producing clone was established in mice. The clone OVA-10 produces IgG antibodies that can be used for multiple applications (see fig. 1 and fig. 2). The final antibody is purified with ProteinA.
The MSDS can be found here: Anti-Ovalbumin MSDS

Detailed Information
Type of ProductMonoclonal Antibody
Quantity0.5 mg
AntigenChicken Egg albumin from chicken eggs
Host AnimalMouse
SubclassIgG 1
MSDSAnti-Ovalbumin MSDS

Applications of the Antigen

Ovalbumin can be used to stimulate allergic reactions in mammalians like mice. Furthermore Ovalbumin is used in ELISA, WesternBlot or IHC as blocking solution or as a protein standard to determine the molecular mass.

Applications of the Antibody

Fig.1: Western Blot: Ovalbumin detection with OVA-10 monoclonal antibody
Ovalbumin Western Blot
Fig.2: ELISA with OVA-10 monoclonal antibody. Albumin from chicken, turkey and bovine serum as antigen.
Ovalbumin Western Blot

The Anti-Ovalbumin antibody is purified and can be used in ELISA (Fig. 2), WesternBlot (Fig. 1), Immunohistochemistry (IHC) or DotBlot. The antibody can distinguish between albumin from chicken and other species like bovine serum or turkey (Fig. 2).

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